forward-looking ˈforward-ˌlooking adjective COMMERCE
planning for and thinking about the future in a positive way, especially by being willing to use modern methods or ideas:

• Some forward-looking companies implemented wide area networks as soon as they became available.

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forward-looking UK US /ˈfɔːwədlʊkɪŋ/ adjective (also forward-thinking)
considering future developments when making plans, especially in relation to using modern methods or equipment: a forward looking approach/attitude/view »

They need a more forward-looking approach that emphasizes energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable sources.

a forward-looking company/organization »

My intention is to build a successful, highly forward-looking organization.

showing what is thought will happen in the future: forward-looking indicators/information/statements »

The forward-looking indicators have pointed to a sharp slowdown in the economy.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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